Brijuni, 11-14. October 2015

The Supreme Court Presidents of the Central and Eastern Europe gathered at the Conference, which was hosteded by The Supreme Court of The Republic of Croatia and The Ministry of Justice of The Republic of Croatia (The Brijuni Conference) in co-operation with The CEELI Institute from Prague, that took place on the October 11 -14, 2015 on the Brijuni Islands, signed The Statement of Principles of the Independence of the Judiciary.

By setting forth clear objectives which should be achieved in judicial everyday work, The Brijuni Statement becomes the strongpoint of the individual judge’s persuasion of the importance of his or her job as well as of the crucial significance of judicial independence in fulfilling the role judiciary has in the society. This document establishes criteria for the relationship between judicial, legislative and executive branches and for relationship between the judiciary and the media. Thus The Brijuni Statement contributes to building public respect for judges and judiciary as a whole providing thereby support to the constantly strengthening of the rule of law.

The Statement of Principles of the Independence of the Judiciary, signed by the participating Justices at the Conference of Chief Justices of Central and Eastern Europe, at Brijuni, Croatia, on 14 October, 2015, represents the culmination of three years of work by the Conference.

The Brijuni Statement reaffirms the fundamental principles of judicial independence and integrity, and adds to the body of international and regional instruments that recognize that true judicial independence, both institutional and individual, is indispensable to the successful functioning of the judiciary under the rule of law. The Brijuni Statement represents the unwavering commitment by the Judiciaries of Central and Eastern Europe to the rule of law, and to a shared belief in judicial independence.


President of the Supreme Court of Croatia

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