Darko Milković

  Darko Milkovic

Darko Milković, LLB

Justice in the Civil Department of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia

Personal data:

Date of birth: 29 June 1966
Place of birth: Gospić

Education and qualifications:

1994 Passed the bar exam
1991 Graduated at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb

Elementary and High School in Gospić

Judiciary professional experience:

Sept 2013 - present Justice of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia
2006 - 2013 Deputy President of the County Court
2008 - 2013 President of the Civil Department
2005 - 2013 Judge of the County Court in Zagreb
2002 - 2005 Deputy President of the Civil Department of the Municipality Court in Zagreb
2004 - 2005 Recording clerk
2002 - 2005 Head of the Labour Law Work Group
1996 - 2005 Judge of the Municipality Court in Zagreb
1994 - 1996 Expert associate for legal affairs at the company Pliva d.d. Zagreb
1992 - 1994 Court Trainee at the County Court in Zagreb

Other duties in judicial bodies:

2000 - 2004 President of the Civil Service Tribunal of the Zagreb City Administrative Bodies

President of the special arbitrage within the meaning of Article 166 of the Health Care Act (an arbitral procedure initiated before going on strike in health institutions)
2000 - 2009 Member of the Expert Team of the State Electoral Committee of the Republic of Croatia
2009 - 2013 Present Member of the Electoral Committee of the City of Zagreb

Participation in educational institutions, societies and associations:

2006 - present Teaching assistant at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb in the field of labour and social law
2011 - present Lecturer ( elected Senior Lecturer at the teaching position at the University College Effectus –Law and Finance College

Member of several working groups at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia – drafting the proposal for the amendments to the law
2011 - present President of the Croatian Society for Civil Law Science and Practice
2007 - present Member of the Organisational Board of the traditional counselling “Current Events in the Croatian Legislature and Legal Practice”
2005 - present Member of the Council of the Magazine Radno pravo (Labour Law)
2010 - present Associate “Ing – Overview of the Judicial Practice“
2009 Conciliator at the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts, Croatian Insurance Bureau (completed training for conciliators under the leadership of international experts within the framework of the Phare 2005 project: Enhancing Conciliation as an Alternative Way of Settling Court Disputes)

Published and scientific papers:

Co-author of three books:
  • Labour Code- Case Law, publisher: Radno pravo, Zagreb, October 2007
  • Comprehensive Overview of Comments on the New Labour Code, publisher: Vaša knjiga, March 2010
  • “Labour Code“ comments, court practice, sample cases, publisher: TEB Zagreb, July 2010
Author of 37 expert papers primarily in the area of labour law
Author of the educational materials for the needs of the Judicial Academy
Author of scientific papers and numerous expert articles

Other activities:

Participant at the number of international expert symposiums
Participant at national expert seminars and conferences where 60 times as a lecturer
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