General Information

Submission of briefs and filings:

Clerk’s Office- everyday during office hours


Parties and their attorneys as well as other persons without a scheduled visit seeking information or wishing to get an insight or to copy a case file shall be received at the Clerk’s Office - everyday during office hours.

Parties may submit their applications, complaints, suggestions and inquiries to the President of the Supreme Court in writing. Submissions should be in the Croatian language and Latinic script, clear, understandable, signed and containing all necessary information such as case file number, court which handles the case, parties involved, date of delivery to the Supreme Court and sender's address.

Information on case status:

Directly at the Clerk’s Office:

- everyday during office hours

By telephone at the Civil/Criminal Department Clerk's Office:

- On Mondays and Thursdays between 9.00 - 13.00 hours (pursuant to Articles 5 and 6 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia)

Only information on the status of the case may be obtained.

No information on regularity of particular court actions or the possible outcome of the case shall be given. No information on which judge has been assigned to the case or decisions and rulings rendered may be given prior to their dispatch to a court of lower instance (pursuant to Article 71 of the Rules of the Supreme Court).

Public statements:


The Office of the President of the Supreme Court shall issue public statements.

Information related to pending proceedings in a particular case, as well as on the work of the Supreme Court can be issued by the President of the Supreme Court and justice Dražen Tripalo, assigned as the spokesman of the Supreme Court in line with the annual schedule.

Request for main hearing recording:


In accordance with the Criminal Procedure Act (Article 395) it is not allowed to film, photograph, broadcast or record the main hearing with technical devices.
In exceptional cases of special public interest for a particular case the President of a higher court may allow filming or TV recording and the President of the Supreme Court photographing, respectively.

A request for TV or other type of recording submitted to the President of the Supreme Court must contain the following information: 

- competent court;
- case file number;
- parties;
- criminal offense in question;
- time of hearing
- information about the submitter of the request (telephone, fax number).

Right to information:


According to the principles of the right to information stipulated in the Right to Information Act (Official Gazette no. 25/13), the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia provides free access to information which it holds, disposes of or administers to the authorized interested parties.

The right to information shall be denied only in exceptional cases or if it is a State, military, official, professional or business secret protected under the Personal Information Protection Act  (Official Gazette no. 103/03, 118/06, 41/08, 130/11 and 106/12) and other regulations relevant for the protection of personal information.

Persons authorized for providing information on the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia, its operation and administration as well as court proceedings are:

- Secretary General of the Supreme Court
- Office of the President – phone: 00 385 1 48 62 222, fax: 00 385 1 48 10 035, e-mail:,

 The relevant procedure for obtaining information from the Supreme Court may be found in the following documents:

Rules on the Right to Information  PDF


The criteria for determining the amount of compensation of the actual material and information delivery costs  PDF


Request for the access to information – form  PDF


The form is available both on the Supreme Court’s website and at the Clerk’s Office.

Requests may be submitted directly, by post or e-mail at the following address:

Money order for the payment of fees – information  PDF


Money order shall be included in the case file as the first copy of the original.

Report on the Implementation of the Right to Information Act for the Year 2013  PDF
Report on the Implementation of the Right to Information Act for the Year 2012  PDF




Ethics Commissioner of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia

Mrs. Vanda Franjić, senior court adviser

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